R & D

The R&D Center of Jiangsu Yuexing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in the famous medical city of Taizhou, including 60 formal preparation people, of which there are 40 doctors or masters. Yuexing pharmaceutical company has been adhering to “differentiation, industrialization” development idea, and focusing on the medicine for treating psychoneurosis, cancer, endocrine, digestion, Gynecology & Pediatrics and cardiac-cerebral vascular disease, and concentrating on study on smart drug delivery.

The R&D center pays attention to Industry-University-Institute Cooperation, and has been cooperating with Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Jiangsu University, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and the top ten pharmaceutical R&D companies in domestic.

Our company focused on intellectual property and talent team building, applied for 10 patents annually and science and technology fund at all levels, introduced more than 15 masters. We Plan to build the provincial engineering technology center in 5 years and the national engineering technology center in 10 years.


  • Dr.Chen Xiangfei

    born in Apr. 1962, in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. Dr. Chen majored in natural medicine chemistry of UNIVERSTE DE REIMS, held the post of R&D director of French Biota Research Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Youcare Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Dr.Zhai Fumin

    born in Dec.1971, in Jiangyan city, Jiangsu Province. Dr. Zhai majored in medicinal chemistry of China Pharmaceutical University,held the post of chemical pharmaceutical leader in national engineering technology center of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, R&D Director of Jiangsu venturepharm and general manager of venturepharm (Jiangsu). He had obtained Jiangsu Dr. gathering plan in (2010), the 13th Patent Excellence Award(2011), Excellent talent in Taizhou(2012).

  • Dr.Chen Xueying

    Born in Fuzhou in 1974, 02 months, Fujian, China Medicine University, natural medicine chemistry, science and chemistry, Fudan University, Department of environmental science, Second Military Medical University, postdoctoral fellow,


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